+7 (965) 395-20-02
15, Liteynaya str., Bryansk,
Bryansk region, 241013, Russia
Bryansk Cheese Factory
Booth: 1422
Bryansk Cheese Factory processes 150 tonnes of milk per day. The company produces 400 tonnes of finished products per month. The main type of products manufactured are semi-hard and hard cheeses such as Tilsiter, Gouda, Maasdam, Parmesan. Exclusive positions with different fillings are produced:
  • Hertz (with walnuts)
  • Forest Guardian (with mushrooms)
  • Ladies' whim (with melted milk flavour)
  • Mr Grinn (with fenugreek)
  • Attraction (with ice cream flavour)
  • Lady M (hazelnut)

The company also produces a number of more affordable cheeses with milk fat substitution: Parmesan, Gouda, Little King, Cabaret. The plant's product range also includes frozen cream with MFA 40%, which is perfect for further production of ice cream, sauces, cheeses and condensed milk.

All products are produced only from top grade cow's milk in compliance with all applicable quality standards.

In the next 2 years it is planned to increase the capacity of the plant up to 1000 tonnes of finished products per month and to enter international markets.
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